Postage and Shipping

Shipping Information
The items always use Registered Post / Registered Parcel to send items overseas.
Within India the items will be sent via Speed post / Registered Parcel
Basic postage rates is
Starts from  $3 Registered Worldwide for the items up to 100 grams.
Parcels starts from  $8  Registered Worldwide for the items from 250 grams

This includes packaging and handling. Rates do go up based on        
weight. If any inquiries in postage feel free to mail me.
All items are shipped via India Post only. If your items are lost, stolen or damaged during shipping then
there is no way to refund or credit your purchase, and they cannot be refunded via PayPal or your credit card company either.

Shipments are sent within 4-5 business days of payment being processed.

Nice commemorative stamps will be used on cover if requested

Indian customers, kindly use Bank Transfer option as we don't have the payment
gateway at this moment. Kindly mention your order ID number when transferring
the amount Items will be sending through speed post. Parcels will be sent via registered parcel after payment only

                              Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. Thank you for your purchase.